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Scenic Chairlift Rides


Enjoy Spectacular views on a Chairlift Ride

Ascend up 1,100 feet of elevation and take in the beauty of the Catskill Mountains!   When you arrive at the top, go for a hike or pack a picnic lunch! Then, hop back on the lift for the best part, a ride back to the base with majestic, panoramic Catskill Mountain views!

     Chairlift Rides         $10BUY NOW button
     Children under 5     $7

2017 Lift Schedule for chairlift rides are as follows:

*  July 1-2 9am-7pm
*  July 8-9 9am-5pm
*  August 5-6 9am-7pm
*  September 2-3 9am-6pm
*  October 7-8 9am-6pm