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hikersThis Summer discover G E O C A C H I N G at Plattekill Mountain!

What is Geocaching?
It's a real-world outdoor treasure hunt with a modern day technological twist and an activity that can be fun for the whole family! Geocaches can be found all over the world and now, you can enjoy the great outdoors, fresh air and exercise on a fun hike while searching for hidden treasures or "caches" right here at Plattekill! Simply use a GPS unit to help you navigate a specific set of coordinates and ultimately find the hidden geocaches at the designated locations.  Best of all, it's a great activity for any age and requires no previous experience!

Plattekill's official (10) designated Geocache Points are hidden spanning over 5 miles of trails.   You'll find some caches easy to find, and others much more challenging. You can access all of the geocache locations by hiking from Plattekill's base Lodge, however we recommend riding the Double Chairlift to the Northface peak and beginning your geocache adventure from the mountaintop to make the most of your day.  Lifts operate on weekends.  Please call ahead for Double Chair Lift Schedule.
Lift Access Pass is $7/per person and operate weekends from 10am - 5pm.

 Rules of Geocaching
Once you find a geocache box, inside you'll find a logbook and cache treasures. 

The rule of the cachebox is if you take something from the cache, you have to leave something of equal or greater value.  (Souvenir items are available for purchase in our bike shop before your journey).  Then sign the logbook and/or write about your find in the cache logbook.  You can also log your experiences or share your stories and photos at  Then you return the geocache to its original location. 

Geocaching Equipment:
GPS units are available to rent for $15/day.
Rentals are available Wednesdays thru Sundays 10 – 4 p.m.
Rental units are fully loaded with all 10 Geocache coordinate locations preprogrammed and are easy to use.
You can also bring your own GPS or cell phone with the proper GPS loaded application.

Plattekill's 10 Cache Locations:Geocaching in the Catskills.
Plattekill Mountain's caches are hidden in ammo boxes placed along the snowshoeing and beginner trail system.  The following list is in order from the top-of-the-mountain heading down the mountain. 

Coordinates are as follows:
Chart Your Way – N 42◦ 17.122, W 074◦ 39.762    hint: See Title
Rascal’s Flatts – N 42◦ 17.177, W 074◦ 40.017      hint:  Tree Down
Platty Rocks – N 42◦ 17.088, W 074◦ 40.001        hint: Between a Rock & a Hard Place
Geo Sandwich – N 42◦ 17.030, W 074◦ 39.869     hint:  Is in the Title
T-Bar Tales – N 42◦ 16.967, W 074◦ 39.735         hint:  Downed Trees
Laszlo’s Lodge – N 42◦ 16.898, W 074◦ 39.622     hint:  Ask a gnome
Twist & Shout – N 42◦ 17.017, W 074◦ 39.609     hint:  ski trail
Black Diamond – N 42◦ 16.993, W 074◦ 39.394     hint:  Look to the Ledges
Blues Squared – N 42◦ 17.163, W 074◦ 39.159     hint:  between 2 Paths
Barney’s Bluff – N 42◦ 17.277, W 074◦ 39.182      hint:  eye level ledges

Good luck and have FUN!