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Sunday, 30 December 2012 22:36

Pictures worth a thousand words Featured

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Really there's nothing to say. 1, because I your fearless blogger am too tired. 2) because if you look at Facebook you will find countless posts on knee-deep powder. It snowed. Hard. The sun came out. A better day couldn't be had. I heard fine, fine rumors about snow in the trees -- in fact I believe them to be true given how windy it was. Not that I'm advocating you ski the trees. Somehow this season is starting to seem like magic from the very start. So now I just give you the goods (as in pictures). For the real goods, you have to search yourself. I do keep some secrets. And if you look hard, you might find your fearless blogger looking a bit like a refugee with her hood up...


powder day 4

powder day 1

powder day 2

snow tracks

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