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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 21:02

Snow Cowboys Farming the White Stuff Featured

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Northface last Saturday... Northface last Saturday... Photo by Sarah Merusi

Oh yeah, whither the weather and where goes my winter? These are the questions on my mind. And probably yours too. I mean, I live what, 10 miles from Platty and I hear the wind raging and rain falling and I know how warm it is. So what happens now? See that nice picture? The one with the whales... Yeah that was last weekend when it was cold, squeaky-snow-cold where it sounded like crunched up styrofoam. See those whales? That is your answer. That is our salvation. They are going to ensure that we have a good weekend. Read more...


Rain will drain through those piles of snow, so Macker, explains. Rain passes through man-made snow. Some will be lost, but as the temperature drops tomorrow, Macker will start grooming tomorrow night and then early friday morning. He's said I can ride with him. That would be at 5 am on the groomer, so I will be taking an, ahem, raincheck... The piles of snow will get ground up into frozen granular. Lake effect snow is in the forecast, and best of all he says, he who is painfully honest with me about these things: "Natural snow ground with man made makes for an awesome ski surface." Then he said that line "We are just snow farmers." And, like farming that means subject to the weather. However he's used last weekend well farming the powder, and I plan on being there early on Saturday. But not at 5 am. 


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