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Friday, 01 February 2013 22:43

Betting the Bank – Or a Buck Featured

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Ed's note: This fine piece of epic prose describes a heroic race last weekend, AKA the Great Chef Races, held on Sunday morning, and betting all of a dollar. The race is going to be restaged this Sunday. It's a battle of men vs women where age seems to come before beauty, but some of us (the editor here is betting on beauty). Also note, this is a guest post by Mr. Nathan Batthany and Kaelie Van Loan.

The dollar was in play, the course was set handicaps were placed and ski patrol counted them down. It was a beautiful blue bird day on Sunday morning at Plattekill Ski Center when Nate Batthany and Kaelie Moon Van Loan stood in the starting gate at the top of Upper Sundown.

Nate is the 30 year-old food and beverage manager at Plattekill Ski Center, and Kaelie, a.k.a. the speed queen, is the 16 year-old aspiring sous-chef at the bar and bistro. Kaelie grew up skiing at Plattekill and is now one of Roxbury Central School’s topped-ranked racers. Nate grew up skiing on the backside of hill, the Plattekill way, through the woods at mock ten.

As they left the starting gate Kaelie pulled out in front and Nate fell behind, but little did she know the older, wiser Mr. Batthany had stacked the deck in his favor that day. He was up at 4:30 practicing his turns, at 6 o’clock he got in the groomer with Jessie, had the corner of the Upper Sundown into Lower Face groomed to perfection. He studied his line like a hawk watches a field mouse. Some may say he cheated, but I think (it should be noted for the record this ‘I’ is Mr. Batthany himself) he just had the drive and determination to beat that young lady down the hill that day.

As they came around the first hairpin turn, Kaelie put her amazing skills down on the hard pack. She began to pull away as they both tucked across the flat stretch of the upper S. Kaelie was in a perfect tuck when they hit the final turn, but this is where Mr. Batthany’s planning came into play.

Kaelie was in her perfect tuck; she had no fear at that point when they hit the final turn into the Face. She stood to make the turn, and Mr. Batthany knew he could hold his edge through the corner, so he dropped down. He flew by her in a full tuck and never made another turn till the bottom of the triple leaving her in his dust.

As they rode up the lift, she admitted defeat, but as the walked into the lodge, the story changed, and Mr. Batthany learned a valuable lesson. “Even when a Plattekill man wins he still loses.” [ed’s note: those are definitely Mr. Batthany’s words. We women beg to differ...]

Stay tuned next week the course as been set and the dollar is in play, Powder Puff, 9:00, Sunday morning be there or be square.

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