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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 22:22

Platty Goes Pagan Featured

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Platty Goes Pagan Photo by John Tunis

What would you do for snow? Well, if you're one of about 50 Plattekill skiers, something close to a pagan ceremony. Last weekend there was a snow fest of sorts, a dinner and then a bonfire all to honor Ullr. Ullr, you say? Who? He is the snow god. His name also means "Glory." Read this from Wikipedia: "For decades and originating from within the winter skiing community of Europe, the Scandinavian god "Ullr" is considered the Guardian Patron Saint of Skiers (German Schutzpatron der Skifahrer). An Ullr medallion or Ullr ski medal, depicting the Scandinavian god Ullr on skis holding a bow and arrow, is widely worn as a talisman by skiers in Europe and elsewhere. In Norse mythology, Ullr also spelled Ull, a hunter god, was considered a superb archer and skier, and was the god to invoke when engaging in single combat, his favourite sport, however, was chasing game with a bow and arrow through the mountains at speed on skis."ullr rich image


Check out the picture of Ullr here. 479px-Manuscript UllrAnd the antics with the bonfire offering and the deer skull to appease the hunter/skier/glory god. And has this had any success? Yes. Three inches fell on monday, but a good foot is expected for this weekend. Everyone keep up that snow dance...

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