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Sunday, 08 December 2013 20:14

Does Size Matter?

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In a country where we seem to love everything super-sized from our meals to our cars, we must ask if size really matters? Is bigger always better? Naturally, when discussing bank accounts, bigger is better and a few extra zeros on the end of my paycheck wouldn’t make me complain either.

But what about our mountain? We are not the biggest. Not even close. We don’t have the most trails or the most sponsors. We are not going to compete for snowsport domination of the world. BUT, we also don’t have long lift lines, ticket lines, or food lines. We are not too big to remember you from last year or the year before. We are not too big that we forgot what is most important…the people that visit. We don’t pander to anyone and we don’t kiss any corporate backsides. The people here are here because they are passionate about skiing or riding. They know that it is good here. Period. They know that they can count on Platty to be that familiar place with familiar faces. They know that we KEEP IT REAL! So the next time somebody asks you if size matters, tell them yes but bigger isn’t always better!

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