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Thursday, 12 December 2013 01:15

Opening Day! One foot or two? Or two left feet? Featured

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platty opening day forecast





Okay there are always questions that come with Opening Day. Can you find your ski socks?  (check). Your gloves and helmet? (check). Have you sharpened your edges? (check.) And have you packed cash to tip the bartender? (check). Because remember Platty's bar is awesome. But then there's how it feels to get back on the hill, that Opening Day fluttler of nervousness at skiing for the first time in a new season. Well, add to this another question: How much? And by how much I do not mean open terrain. No, I mean snow. A storm is scheduled, Platty could get six inches. Or a foot. So better not have two left feet.

And stay tuned for pictures of opening day antics.Also on the blog this year there will be coverage of the new updated terrain park and stories with K.C. Jones and Preston Lemaster, the maestros behind the park. They are the ones driving it, and if you've got questions about it, send 'em to me and I'll make sure they answer and pronto. Or I'll answer for them...

See you Saturday!

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