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Sunday, 09 March 2014 14:13

John and Jill Went Up a Hill …..

I’m getting ahead of myself because the story of John and Jill actually starts with Jill. Jill was an avid skier. She was also single. She spent her days at many different hills but never at Platty. I know this sounds like a sad story, but wait, I promise it gets better. So Jill was at another mountain when a friend mentioned Platty. Jill decided to give it a try. And so the next day, we had a POWDER DAY and Jill came to Platty. As she waited online for the chair, she turns around and sees the most gorgeous guy she ever saw. Yes folks those are her words, not mine. So here is the most gorgeous guy in the world. We will call him John since that was the name his parents gave him. Jill immediately starts to think of ways to meet John. She went all out trying to pop out of her skis, mess with her boots, you get the idea. Little did she know…

John was a long time Platty guy and a skiing fanatic. When John isn’t working, he is pretty much on a chairlift or skiing down a hill. And Platty Powder is his favorite! So here is John waiting to get on the chairlift and sees this beautiful woman ahead of him in line. John being something of a go getter realizes that this woman cannot get on that chair without him. So John does what any confident and awestruck guy might, and barges his way right up to Jill. They rode the lift together.

And yes they lived happily ever after but there is a little more to the story. 4 years later, to the day, John and Jill tied the knot. It wasn’t at a country club or on a beach. It was at the bottom of the triple chair. While their guests waited, John and Jill took a run from the top of the Face and skied right up to the minister. There was a dusting of fresh powder this day too!They exchanged their vows with their skis on and then took their first run as husband and wife. It was pretty magical.

The reception was beautiful and the cake was shaped like a mountain. Jill said it was her dream wedding. So when you pass this story on, remember... John and Jill went up a hill and found happily ever after.

The End


Tuesday, 11 February 2014 18:04

Big Air, Big Money, Big Dreams


The Winter Games are in full swing. Kids and adults alike are dreaming about gold. Maybe you just want to have a little taste of catching some big air? Maybe you just love watching those other big air freaks doing their thing? If any of this applies to you, then Platty is the place to be this SATURDAY. Sick Trix is sponsoring a Big Air Competition with big air, big tricks, and big money payouts! $500 to the top freestyle skier/ rider. Big dreams and big talent can lead to a Sick Trix sponsorship but you gotta be good. I mean SICK TRIX good.

Think you have what it takes? Then get here Saturday for Platty’s first ever BIG AIR COMPETITION! Check out or for more information.

Oh yeah, one more thing…besides the big air, there will be a snow village and an ice bar! Don’t miss this event. It’s going to be SICK!


Sunday, 22 December 2013 17:50

Happier Holidays...


So here it is, that time of year that some of us love, some of us hate, and some of us just seem to spend eating our weight in cookies. That makes me think of that New Year’s resolution I have about exercise….yeah, yeah I know we are all going to eat better, exercise more, etc. A few weeks back I talked about old dogs and new tricks. My follow up is kind of the “Old Dog, Same Resolutions” At any rate, I was thinking that between the cookies and holiday cocktails, we can get a jump on our resolutions by getting out in the snow.

Mother Nature has been difficult but that’s what snowmaking is for, and the cold weather will be back soon. Macker is grooming, and the rest of us are getting ready because Christmas is coming! That means we are open ALL WEEK LONG. In fact, we are open from December 26th straight through January 5th! Oh yeah and the tubing park will be open starting December 26th also from 11am-7pm!!

So here is my resolution…I’m putting down the cookies, grabbing the family and heading to Platty to KEEP IT REAL with some skiing, tubing, and that riding I promised earlier.

Who’s in?


Sunday, 08 December 2013 20:14

Does Size Matter?

In a country where we seem to love everything super-sized from our meals to our cars, we must ask if size really matters? Is bigger always better? Naturally, when discussing bank accounts, bigger is better and a few extra zeros on the end of my paycheck wouldn’t make me complain either.

But what about our mountain? We are not the biggest. Not even close. We don’t have the most trails or the most sponsors. We are not going to compete for snowsport domination of the world. BUT, we also don’t have long lift lines, ticket lines, or food lines. We are not too big to remember you from last year or the year before. We are not too big that we forgot what is most important…the people that visit. We don’t pander to anyone and we don’t kiss any corporate backsides. The people here are here because they are passionate about skiing or riding. They know that it is good here. Period. They know that they can count on Platty to be that familiar place with familiar faces. They know that we KEEP IT REAL! So the next time somebody asks you if size matters, tell them yes but bigger isn’t always better!

Friday, 22 November 2013 16:38

Here's to New Tricks

Someone asked me the other day if I shred. That is funny. It’s funny because one look at me and you would know that I do not shred anything but paper. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter. I love to ski but getting on a snowboard? No.

So, here we are working on what is expected to be a killer terrain park. Things like rails and jibs have become part of my vocabulary. Now I don’t pretend to be a ripper, shredder, rider or anything of the sort but when I see these park designers working their magic, I can’t help but get excited. They are building some really cool stuff. In the excitement, I may have inadvertently promised a few people that I would get on a snowboard once this awesome park is done!

All this got me thinking…can the “old dog” learn new tricks? I mean we also have telemark, snowshoeing, and tubing, here too. I say why not? I promise I am going to get on a board this winter. Maybe after that I will try a learn to telemark lesson. So now, I am extending a challenge of sorts to everyone visiting us this year. Try something new. If you ski, grab a board. If you board, try the telemarking. Grab a tube! You don’t have to be an expert to have a little fun. Whether you are a “young” dog or an “old” dog, you might just be surprised when you learn a new trick. See you at the terrain park!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013 13:18

Winter Predictions...

The wooly bear caterpillar can predict a bad winter if it’s black in the front or if the middle is wide. Or is it black in the middle and brown in the front? Wait, I think it’s squirrels with bushier tales and low nests! Thick shells on the acorns and birds heading south early are all signs of a big winter ahead! Ahh yes, it’s that time of year again.  

The time when we all speculate about the winter ahead. Those of us spending our time on the mountain can find signs of a good winter to come around every corner. We pour over the Farmer’s Almanac and if it says the winter will be warm, we know they don’t know what they are talking about. If they say a big winter ahead then by golly, those farmers know their stuff. Incidentally, the Almanac is predicting one heck of a nasty winter. I told you they know their stuff! In the end, we are keeping our fingers crossed and our snow guns ready because whatever Mother Nature doesn’t give us we are surely going to make on our own. And though I may not be qualified to do so, I am going to make my own prediction. This winter we will have snow on our mountain no matter how it gets here. We will have yummy food in our lodge and cocktails at our bar. We will have events galore and our tubing park will be filled with laughter. We will have skiers and riders young and old. First timers and old timers and as always we will be keeping it real!!!