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Friday, 17 January 2014 21:31

Let It Snow

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Sometimes pictures count more than words. And, with the way the weather was, well, I didn't have much to say. Except that yesterday's 4 inches felt like a foot. (And yes, I treated it like a powder day). Which attests to the sad state of affairs in my weather world. Or just my ski addiction. However, hope (and flakes) are in the air for those us addicted to the white stuff... MLK Jr looks to be celebrating his birthday in fine style. See you at Platty.

Thursday, 09 January 2014 19:00

Park and Ride – Platty's Terrain Park

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BOXES, RAINBOWS, BIG AIR JUMPS, rails, rail boxes, double barrel rails, tables, launch pipes…. There are big plans afoot for the terrain park at Plattekill and many of them are already out and in use.

Not long ago pictures of two guys walking in the woods appeared on Facebook. The photos were taken in late autumn but they should hearten any Plattekill park rider. The images were of the hill’s natural features and the two guys? K.C. Jones and Preston Lemaster, the duo in charge of Platty’s park. This is perhaps the first time it’s had dedicated staff, and they have made it their project. [to read more, click that READ MORE button below]

Sunday, 05 January 2014 13:07

Powder Birthday with the NY Ski Blog

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HARVEY ROAD OF the famed NYSkiBlog came to celebrate his birthday at Plattekill. Read more about it here. First tracks, great shots and a birthday no one will forget. Who can when it includes 16 inches of untracked?