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Wednesday, 30 January 2013 21:02

Snow Cowboys Farming the White Stuff

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Oh yeah, whither the weather and where goes my winter? These are the questions on my mind. And probably yours too. I mean, I live what, 10 miles from Platty and I hear the wind raging and rain falling and I know how warm it is. So what happens now? See that nice picture? The one with the whales... Yeah that was last weekend when it was cold, squeaky-snow-cold where it sounded like crunched up styrofoam. See those whales? That is your answer. That is our salvation. They are going to ensure that we have a good weekend. Read more...

Sunday, 20 January 2013 19:29

Happy Birthday Macker

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Plattekill's master of snow and grooming, Macker is today celebrating his birthday. His name fits his outsize reputation; he's a flirt, a man of swagger and a skier of Stocklis (which is definitely a fine acquired taste, those handmade Swiss skis). And today he hooked the groomer to a winch to groom out the hard whales on Blockbuster – meaning we skiers and riders got the present. Plus unexpectedly bluebird skies. (Which given his skill in making fine snow where none exists) I am also attributing to him.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 23:51

Wined and Dined at Platty.

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Platty is a place where few people want to leave and many want to come. Well not that many, not too many, not so many that the die-hard fans are chased away. Though thanks to Unofficial Networks, Platty now tops the list of where to ski on the East this MLK weekend. And if you want to stay at Platty (because who wants to leave, see above) there are more ways to satisfy that need.