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Friday, 04 January 2013 20:39

Learn to Ski Platty Style... The New Bunny Slope.

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The day I learned to ski it was 6 degrees in the Catskills. People kept telling us, the us being me and my husband and the other never-ever with us, to be careful of frostbite. How would we get it? We sidestepped up and down a hill for hours it seemed working up a sweat. I remember trying to turn and getting told off for not snowplowing. I’d skied once as a teen on long straight skis (a miserable week in VT where girls from my all-girls’ school in VA were on spring break). I recall one of those girls talking longingly of bumps and moguls, which I had no idea to be well bumps and moguls but thought perhaps rich people skiing too.

Sunday, 30 December 2012 22:36

Pictures worth a thousand words

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Really there's nothing to say. 1, because I your fearless blogger am too tired. 2) because if you look at Facebook you will find countless posts on knee-deep powder. It snowed. Hard. The sun came out. A better day couldn't be had. I heard fine, fine rumors about snow in the trees -- in fact I believe them to be true given how windy it was. Not that I'm advocating you ski the trees. Somehow this season is starting to seem like magic from the very start. So now I just give you the goods (as in pictures). For the real goods, you have to search yourself. I do keep some secrets. And if you look hard, you might find your fearless blogger looking a bit like a refugee with her hood up...

Thursday, 27 December 2012 21:18

Joy to the World – there's 14 inches!

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Really what is there to say about the skiing today? You could measure it in feet and that is no small thing. The powder was deep, steep and a bit heavy but what a day. And new trails skied from Blockbuster to Free Fall and the Plunge. Everyone was getting fresh tracks. Just stay in the fall line and remember not to turn too much (memo to self). And this weekend is looking ever more epic with more snow coming. Oh, and if you (or your ski pals or your ski pals' kids) get tired of skiing, there is also now daytime tubing at Platty. So more fun, more snow. "More" that is the operative word here.