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Thursday, 25 January 2018 00:00

Snow Banks and Sunshine

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plunge pow sun

SOMETIMES OWNING a ski hill is like farming. Well it’s often farming, snow-making, stockpiling it etc. But, right now that stockpile, those whales, they’re where it’s at. And you can see Platty owner Laszlo Vajtay (below) skiing them on Sunday in the brilliant sunshine. Good news for this weekend? More sunshine. And it’s warm and those whales…

 laz 1

laz 2

Given Mother Nature’s fine case of whiplash inducing weather those whales are a promise that we will be skiing no matter what she throws at us. Here are a few pics from the weekend, and remember to dial in direct to Ullr. We need snow (though the whales have been saving us)










laz 3

And on Saturday along with the sunshine is demo day, super awesome Bomber skis (you can get a Basquiat or Keith Haring top sheet, which is perfect for Platty where more than a few art world-oriented curators and artists happen to ski. They also make a ski jacket like a blazer for ye who want to combine work life with ski life). Or, ultra independent Shaggy’s straight out of Michigan (remember before you talk about the Mid West and skiing, the region also produced Lindsay Vonn who hails from the even flatter MN…). They can customize for your flex or just about any other part of your sticks… And there’s Never Summer snowboards…


Friday, 19 January 2018 00:00

Save the Whales and Ski the East

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First the snow. It fell this week. Eight inches. And that is just the natural stuff. The other stuff came from guns, the application of pressure + water and very cold temperatures. All of which makes for a very welcome Friday morning!

Then there’s the phrase “ski the east.” It comes with a bit of bravado or bravery because we know what we can do. Ice/east, they nearly rhyme. And, here in the East we take it that we can take all conditions from rain to bulletproof to even, yes, powder and we have had all this and more this week. This has been a week where you could call the Catskills a four-season resort. That is, all four seasons in one seven-day period. And these seven days have seen many ski hills challenged and sending out apologies and mea culpas to their skiers.

At Platty, it rained too. We can’t hide that. And then the rain turned to something else, something far firmer and harder, but the water, now that might be called a blessing. A deluge one day = full ponds the next. And that translates into very fine, fine snowmaking. Especially since the temps plunged just after.

Now a game of connect the dots has translated into snowmaking on both sides of the mountain and a series of phrases:

Save the Whales becomes now a Whale of a good time.

And A river runs through it= a lot of water in the ponds, which is a lot of snow around the hill.

The other thing to add to those phrases is Save the Mountain—because this weekend will be spring skiing (AKA sunny and warm), and there has now been so much snow made that there will be spare to push around. With any luck Buckle Up will have Blockbuster and it’s 1k+ straight vert in play this weekend too.

With all this spring sunshine coming all we need are Hawaiian shirts and drinks on the deck, because you can live all four seasons in a week here.

Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:00

Call it a Comeback

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 MLK weekend and Plattekill, like all other area resorts, was up against it.

 All of that beautiful, heaven-sent snow was being washed away by a very inconsiderate and torrential rainstorm rudely descending on our mountain just as the weekend approached and we were finally thawing from a glacial freeze.


But you can’t keep a good mountain down. As soon as the temps hit freezing the guns were prepped and the fight was on.


Ice crystals hung to literally every branch, making the entire forest look as though it were made of glass. I have to say, it was pretty amazing, and it took a bit of the sting out. A reminder that whether the conditions are perfect, or challenged - these mountains are absolutely beautiful.

As I took a line down Upper Face under the guns, it was all I could do not to laugh as I snaked turns in the fresh snow – snow that was being made in abundance, and had completely transformed the resort from an ice rink the day before. The conditions were getting better by the minute.

And after…


 How else to toast our favorite mountain?

 Psyched for this weekend and all the NEW snow!

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