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Do you miss skiing?

6 reasons to return to the snow

By Sarah Gordon

Like a lot of folks my age, it’s been hard to get out on the slopes these last 10 years.  It was easier in the days of student ski passes and underemployment, but in the 2010s, luxuries like skiing have been fewer and farther between. Layer on triple-digit lift prices, and maybe a couple kids – spending on skiing or snowboarding can feel pretty unrealistic.

Except Plattekill, a mountain committed to keepin’ it real. This family-owned, fiercely independent gem offers the best value of skiing you’ll find anywhere with, hands-down, the best terrain in the Catskills.  Shred the steeps, or take a casual meander down Powder Puff with the kiddos. Top that off with an authentic, unpretentious atmosphere that reminds me of the good ole’ days skiing in the 80’s and 90’s.

Plattekill is definitely a spot to check out (and if you’re like me, soon frequent). And, being a family-owned mountain, Plattekill is dedicated to getting everyday folks and families to return to the snow.

There’s no shortage of good reasons to grab your friends, and RETURN TO THE SNOW!

1. Be free.

Remember that feeling? There is nothing quite like it.  Just you and a metal edge, carving the mountainside. If self-care is about building yourself a life you don’t feel like you need to escape, consider making the freedom of a day on the mountain part of your routine again.

2. Be indulged.

Sure, the time on the mountain is incomparable, but there sure are a lot of other great perks to a day at the local ski lodge. Hot toddies and hot fires. Furry boots and antler chandeliers. Throwback fashion and an après band. The kids can take a lesson and hang with new friends while the parents get down a little. Skiing is good fun for everyone.

3. Be present.

Hang with your best bud, or your kid, for some genuine chairlift facetime and mindful play out in the snow. Get out of your day-to-day, and let your phone’s battery power down in the cold without a care – focus on sharing an experience you’ll remember with the people you love.

4. Be a kid again.

Nothing lightens people up like a good romp in the snow, and maybe a snowball fight.  Personally, I’ve always tended to think my spirit animal is a mountain goat.  And, nothing brings out the kid in me like skiing. Pun intended. Remember the goat.

5. Behold winter.

Don’t take winter for granted.  We live in the Northeast, get out there, fill that belly up with some fresh air, and embrace it.  Love it. Teach your kids to love it, and to protect it.  And lap winter up – on the lifts!

6. Be pennywise. 

Skiing doesn’t HAVE to cost a fortune. If you plan pass purchases wisely, skiing can be something you enjoy all winter for the price of one vacation. Take advantage of discount packages and value cards, watch for equipment deals at local swaps and online, and rotate hand-me-downs amongst friends and family.

So get out there, and start off 2020 with the days skiing scarcity in hindsight!

Check out Plattekill’s Return To The SnowTM package, and more ticket and lesson deals to get you and yours out on the mountain in 2020!

Want to learn more about our Return To The Snow mission?  Read the press release >


Lift ticketsSeason PassesRentalsLessonsDiscount Packages 


Been years since you’ve skied or snowboarded? Well come on BACK with our Return To The SnowTM package! It has everything you’ll need to keep it simple, easy and get you back out on the slopes.  Package includes 1-hour or 2-hour private lesson with just you and the instructor to get all your old skills dialed back in, plus lift ticket and rental.

Available hourly, 9am – 3pm.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Private lesson, full-day all area adult lift ticket, and complete rental including helmet.

  • 1-HOUR Private Package $165     Book Now     
  • 2-HOUR Private Package $230     Book Now

NOTE:  ALL ADVANCE LESSON RESERVATIONS MADE ONLINE must be made at least one day prior to arrival. To book lessons day-of, please come to Plattekill’s Snowsports Desk located on the First Floor of the Base Lodge.


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